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You cannot prevent lines and wrinkles on your face, but you can choose to make them less noticeable. If you want a more youthful appearance, our trained medical staff—led by Houston’s Dr. Oren Paul Mushin—can help you learn more about Juveau in Houston. This recently developed injectable can soften your frown lines to restore your confidence.

Even if you accept that your wrinkles are an unavoidable sign of aging, you do not have to live with them. Juveau is one of several non-surgical strategies that allows you to make that choice. The process is simple, and the results could change how you see yourself.

What is Juveau?

Juveau is a neurotoxin injectable developed by Evolus, Inc., a performance beauty company. Some physicians use similar products for other medical uses, but Evolus developed Juveau strictly for aesthetic correction and enhancement. In clinical trials, patients found it highly effective in managing moderate to severe glabellar lines, also known as frown lines.

Juveau’s active ingredient is botulinum toxin, like its counterparts, but Evolus’ proprietary High-Pure technology process enhances its purity. Juveau has passed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) two-year application, review, and approval process, and the FDA approved the drug specifically for correcting glabellar lines. This does not bar physicians from discretionary, off-label use in resolving aging issues, such as brow lines and crow’s feet.

When Dr. Mushin injects Juveau into your muscle, it temporarily changes how your nerves and muscles communicate. The treatment blocks the signal that instructs your muscles to form those annoying ridges between your eyes, which smoothes noticeable lines, leaving your skin with a more youthful look. Clinical studies documented a dramatic smoothing effect on participants’ age-related frown lines. To learn more about the benefits of Juveau, contact our clinic in Houston.

The Juveau Injection Process

Before Dr. Mushin begins your treatment, he will get to know you during a consultation at our office in Houston. He will discuss your aesthetic goals to ensure Juveau is the best option for your desired results. To avoid potential medical complications, Dr. Mushin will also review some basic facts about your health, including:

  • Any previous injections or surgeries you have undergone
  • Your current medications and vitamin supplements
  • Your medical history

Once you feel confident that Juveau injections are right for you, Dr. Mushin will design a treatment plan. Our clinical team will schedule your injections, determine your injection sites, and discuss potential follow-up visits. We may also provide additional care instructions based on their specific protocols.

Your Procedure

Because Juveau is a medical procedure, Dr. Mushin may request that you arrive makeup free. Before beginning your injections, an assistant will clean the injection area. If you believe you will have difficulty handling injection site pain, your surgeon may offer a local anesthetic.

Once you are ready, Dr. Mushin will inject Juveau into your designated target areas. This may include five or more injections, and the process usually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. In most instances, you can return to your regular activities immediately.

A Temporary Solution

Juveau is a temporary solution for improving moderate-to-severe frown lines. Once it begins relaxing your muscles, you will notice an improvement, and in clinical trials, some patients started seeing positive effects within as few as two days. The beneficial effects fade over time, but some patients have reported sustained improvement lasting up to five months.

Potential Side Effects

As with any medical procedure, you may experience issues during and after receiving Juveau injections. Potential problems include pain, bleeding, inflammation, and swelling. As with other neurotoxins, some patients may experience headaches, eyelid drooping, and other side effects.

Is Juveau Right for Me?

You might not notice lines and ridges when they first begin forming between your eyes, but at some point, you cannot stop noticing them. You see them in every photo or selfie. They draw your attention when you glance into a mirror.

These lines can become an issue when moisturizing your face or applying your makeup. When you decide it is time for a change, Juveau injections in Houston offer you a simple, non-surgical option.

Call Our Clinic in Houston to Learn More About Juveau

Each line and wrinkle tell a story about your age and experience. But if you prefer a more youthful look, many options are available. Juveau is a cutting-edge neurotoxin treatment that can help your face tell a more youthful tale.

Contact our dedicated and compassionate team to schedule a consultation to learn more about Juveau in Houston. We will help you make the right decision to achieve the look you are hoping for.

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