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Can I Have Children After a Tummy Tuck?  
11 July, 2023 | Posted By Memorial Center for Cosmetic Surgery

If you recently got a tummy tuck, and you are still planning your family or considering adding to it, it is natural to be concerned. You might be worrying about the negative effects or risks that your tummy tuck procedure will have on your pregnancy. You may be anxious about whether your tummy tuck will prevent you from having more children in the future, or if complications will arise.

This question is more common than you think. Our expert plastic surgeons recommend that, for best results, while you should opt for a tummy tuck only after you have finished family planning, your tummy tuck will not prevent you from having children in the future, nor does it put you at a heightened risk for pregnancy complications.

If I Get a Tummy Tuck, Will I Put My Future Pregnancies at Risk?

The good news is that if you have received a tummy tuck procedure, you are not at a heightened risk for pregnancy complications. All pregnancies, regardless of whether they happen before or after your tummy tuck can have complications. Patients who experience pregnancy following their tummy tuck procedure have an equally high chance of carrying a healthy, full-term pregnancy as women who have never had a tummy tuck procedure.

Can I Maintain My Tummy Tuck Results After Getting Pregnant?

You may be concerned about the negative effects that your tummy tuck can have on your future pregnancy and family planning. You may also be anxious about potentially wasting your beautiful tummy tuck results and the money that you have spent to get them. These are very real concerns.

While your tummy tuck may not have any effects on your pregnancy, the reverse is not necessarily guaranteed. In fact, your pregnancy may result in significant weight gain and abdominal stretching. You could once again have loose, excess, sagging skin and flabby, drooping stomach tissue, which can undo your tummy tuck results. These issues sometimes require surgical correction and revision in order to restore your original tummy tuck results. It is likely that, if you do become pregnant following your tummy tuck, you may need a revision procedure completed in the future. Our expert medical team recommends that clients who are still in the process of family planning wait until their family is complete before considering a tummy tuck procedure. Not all is lost, however.

You can still maintain your tummy tuck results following pregnancy. All you need is a little hard work. To maintain your former tummy tuck results, you should try and control pregnancy weight gain as best as you can under the supervision of your doctor.

Should I Get a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is one of the most popular and one of the most often requested procedures at our clinic. Many of our patients opt for a tummy tuck to address stubborn, excess stomach fat. They complain of their stomach looking flabby, droopy, or saggy. This can be psychologically distressing, and result in a lack of self-confidence. When administered by our highly trained medical team, a tummy tuck can correct this issue and give you a wonderfully slim, trim, and toned stomach.

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