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Does A Tummy Tuck Get Rid of Stretchmarks?
21 September, 2023 | Posted By Memorial Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The tummy tuck is one of our most popular procedures at our clinic. Many of our patients approach our expert plastic surgeons for this procedure because it is the most effective way to help them achieve flat, toned, and trim stomachs. As we head into the summer season, our patients are flooding our clinic with inquiries about this procedure. One of the most common questions asked to our medical team is “Can I get rid of my stretchmarks with a tummy tuck?”

This is a great question! Several of our patients who are exploring the potential benefits of a tummy tuck experience stretch marks on their abdomen and bikini line. Sometimes the stretch marks are light brown, cream, or white in color, and can be very visible on the skin. When exploring the benefits of a tummy tuck, it makes sense that our patients would want to consider what effects a tummy tuck may have on their stretchmarks.

Yes, A Tummy Tuck Can Get Rid of Your Stretchmarks

A tummy tuck can tone and trim the stomach by eliminating excess fat, skin, and tissue. If your stretchmarks are located on the excess, unwanted, sagging skin that would be removed during a tummy tuck, then you are in luck! Your tummy tuck procedure will successfully eliminate your stretch marks as well. This can be really beneficial to our patients.

How Will My Tummy Tuck Get Rid Of My Stretchmarks? 

For many of our patients, stretchmarks are located on excess skin, flab, and tissue on the stomach and on the bikini line. During a tummy tuck, this unwanted skin and tissue is removed–also eliminating the appearance of stretchmarks.

Stretchmarks are not just skin deep–typically, they are formed due to abnormal muscle patterns which cause the markings and indentations in the skin. A tummy tuck eliminates the stretchmarks from the deeper tissue level.

How Else Can A Tummy Tuck Benefit Me?

Not only can a tummy tuck effectively eliminate stretch marks, it can also treat the following cosmetic conditions:

  • Loose, sagging abdominal skin
  • Excess and stubborn visceral fat surrounding the abdominal area
  • Loss of muscular tone and definition in the abdominal area

If you experience any of the aforementioned cosmetic issues along with stretch marks, you may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

Should I Combine My Tummy Tuck With Other Procedures To Get Rid of My Stretchmarks?

Many of our patients opt to combine their tummy tuck with other procedures for a full body transformation. This can also help eliminate the appearance of stretchmarks not only on the stomach and bikini line, but on other areas of the body, such as the glutes, breasts, and thighs. This can include:

  • Liposuction
  • Lifts, including body lifts, arm lifts, thigh lifts, breast lifts, and back lifts
  • Surgical skin tightening
  • Non-surgical dermatology treatments for hair removal, skin tightening, and skin resurfacing (typically laser treatments)

Combining procedures can be cost-effective, safer, and can require less recovery time compared to obtaining your surgical procedures separately. If combining your procedures is an option you wish to explore with our expert surgical team, be sure to discuss this during your initial consultation. Our expert medical team can help you discover the ideal total-body strategy to help you eliminate your unwanted stretchmarks forever.

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