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Over time, the appearance of your inner thighs can be affected by repeated weight or weight loss, the after-effects of pregnancy, and genetics. For example, the skin around your inner thigh may lose elasticity and become saggy if you lose a substantial amount of weight within a short time period. Skin laxity can also be due to aging. Whatever the cause, plastic surgery can help correct these problems.

All thigh lift procedures aim to remove excess skin and fat, but some serve different purposes. That said, a medial or inner thigh lift is the most common type of thigh lift surgery, which tightens the sagging skin around your inner thighs. As performed by local plastic surgeon Dr. Oren Paul Mushin, an inner thigh lift in Houston can boost your self-esteem and increase your confidence for years.

What to Expect From an Inner Thigh Lift Procedure

Before your thigh surgery, you must stop taking medications that increase bleeding, including aspirin and certain supplements. During the procedure, Dr. Mushin will put you under general anesthesia.

Dr. Mushin and our highly-trained team in Houston will then make an incision along the crease where your thigh meets your pubic area, resulting in minimal scarring. The incision will start at the top of your pubic area, close to your hip bone, and follow the natural crease to the back of your buttock.

By performing liposuction, Dr. Mushin will cut out excess fat to remove loose skin. Next, he will secure your skin in a higher and tighter position than before, using stitches to close your wounds. While scarring is unavoidable, your scar is hidden in the crease of your groin.

Recovery and Results

Your recovery will take several weeks, so plan your work schedule accordingly. You must refrain from strenuous exercises for at least six weeks after surgery; however, you can go outside for some fresh air after a few days. Additionally, you should elevate your legs as much as possible. It’s normal for your ankles to swell as you gradually move around. Once healed, there may be scars, but our medical professionals will work to conceal them in inconspicuous areas. When you closely follow Dr. Mushin’s recovery regiment, an inner thigh lift procedure will provide exceptional results.

Am I a Candidate for an Inner Thigh Lift?

An inner thigh lift may be helpful when you struggle with toning your legs through diet and exercise. You may also seek this surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss or when you have excess soft tissue along your inner thigh region.

To qualify for an upper thigh surgery, you should be generally healthy, maintain a stable weight, and have no medical conditions impairing the healing process or increasing your risks. You should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and fitness, refrain from smoking before or directly after surgery, and maintain a positive outlook with realistic goals for your procedure. Before your upper thigh lift surgery, Dr. Mushin will perform a physical examination at our office in Houston to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Schedule a Consultation in Houston to Discuss an Inner Lift

An inner lift can drastically improve your confidence when showing off your legs. The procedure is commonly used to remove loose skin after significant weight loss. However, there are many reasons why people choose to undergo this surgery. For more information about inner thigh lifts in Houston, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to schedule an informative and sincere consultation.

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