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Tubular breast deformity is one of the most common developmental breast issues. With this condition, which is characterized by improper or incomplete development of the chest, the shape of your breast is restricted by a fibrous ridge encircling the base; this restriction causes your breast to have a conical or tube-like shape.

Tubular breasts often go undiagnosed because patients are unaware of the condition or are embarrassed to discuss the issue. You can find a solution through tubular breast surgery, though. Led by Dr. Oren Paul Mushin, tubular breast surgery in Houston is a safe and effective procedure that offers life-transforming results and can give you newfound confidence, especially in intimate relationships.

What Does Tubular Breast Surgery Entail in Houston?

Dr. Mushin will perform your surgery under general anesthesia, so you must follow the pre-operative instructions carefully. On the night before your tubular breast procedure, do not eat or drink anything after midnight. Have someone accompany you to our on-site surgical center, since you will be unable to drive yourself home. Bring a soft bra with no underwire and a comfortable clip.

Once you are properly sedated, Dr. Mushin will make an incision and insert a temporary implant in the lower part of your breast, typically in the bottom crease (the inframammary fold). We use a temporary implant first, to determine the position and volume of the final implant. Dr. Mushin then removes and replaces the temporary implant with the final implant; depending on their condition, each breast may require an implant of a different size. Finally, Dr. Mushin performs a breast lift to reshape your breasts and accentuate your new cleavage.

After surgery, you awaken naturally from the anesthesia. Your recovery nurse will be at your side to address any nausea or confusion you may be experiencing. Before you leave, you will receive detailed post-operative care instructions.

Are You a Good Candidate for Tubular Breast Surgery in Houston?

Make an appointment with our experienced plastic surgeon in our Houston office and find out if you are a good candidate for tubular breast surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Mushin will assess your breasts and overall body type, as well as address your aesthetic concerns. This is also a good time to view the before and after photos of our previous patients to see their positive results.

Be prepared to provide standard medical information, including medications, tobacco and alcohol use, and previous breast surgeries. Our medical staff will then determine whether you are an appropriate candidate and outline a suitable treatment plan to address your concerns.

Generally, ideal candidates for tubular plastic surgery are women who are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, understand the risks of surgery, and believe the advantages offset the procedure’s potential risks.

Contact a Doctor in Houston to Learn More About Tubular Breast Surgery

For more information about tubular breast surgery in Houston, reach out to our office. The consultation is your best opportunity to ask questions. During your appointment, our highly trained medical team will discuss the best size implant for your body’s proportions to adjust the space between your breasts.

Dr. Mushin and our team will also discuss your preferences regarding changes to your areola, as well as nipple size and location once the implant is in place. Patients with tubular breast surgery are among our most satisfied clients. Contact our community-based office to schedule a personalized tubular breast surgery consultation today.

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