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Men want to look and feel their best. While exercise is critical to maintaining physical health and a masculine, toned physique, many men struggle to lose weight or develop loose skin that hides their hard work. The cosmetic effects of extra body fat on the abdomen, chest, and underneath the chin could negatively impact a man’s body image, confidence, and social life.

At the Memorial Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our team offers a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures and non-invasive treatments designed to help men get closer to their ideal physique. Body contouring for men in Houston is completely customized to your anatomy and goals. To learn more about your options, or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

Concerns Male Body Contouring Can Address

Most of our male patients seek body sculpting procedures to address concerns that diet and exercise alone do not remedy, or to improve the unwanted effects of losing a significant amount of weight. Some of these concerns include:

  • Increasing the appearance of muscle definition, particularly in the abdomen
  • Eliminating stubborn areas of fat
  • Getting rid of loose, sagging skin
  • Reducing the appearance of gynecomastia
  • Eliminating love handles

Surgical body sculpting for men in Houston results in smoother, tighter skin, a healthier, more fit appearance, and a boost in self-confidence that often carries over into your professional and personal life.

What Does Body Contouring for Men Include?

Body contouring is a term for various surgical procedures that target specific areas of the body to address issues with excess fat or skin. Surgical body contouring options for men at our Houston plastic surgery practice include:

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure that gets rid of excess skin on the abdomen. In addition to enhancing abdominal contours, the treatment can also repair weak and separated abdominal muscles. Typically, men seek tummy tucks after weight loss or to combat sagging skin associated with the natural aging process.


Liposuction permanently eliminates fat cells to help you achieve your physical goals when the gym alone does not provide the desired results. Liposuction can be performed on almost any part of the body, including the abdomen, arms, flanks, back, thighs, hips, buttocks, neck, face, legs, and chest.

Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching utilizes liposuction to strategically remove unwanted from the body to contour and showcase the abdominal muscles – creating a 6-pack almost overnight.

Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction surgery targets a condition known as gynecomastia or an enlargement of breast tissue. Whether you have gynecomastia or an excess amount of fat around your chest, corrective surgery removes extra tissue, skin, and fat to flatten the area and redefine its contours for a more masculine appearance.

Other Options

We also offer other options that can be customized to your needs, including arm lifts, thigh lifts, post weight loss surgery, butt lifts, and more.

Schedule a Consultation in Houston for Body Contouring for Men

Body sculpting can dramatically improve your appearance and self-confidence. Our office offers multiple treatment options. A consultation is the best way to learn which procedures suit your needs and aesthetic goals. When you have questions about body contouring for men in Houston or want to take the first step to a more toned, confident version of yourself, do not hesitate to call our trusted team.

Houston-raised Dr. Oren Paul Mushin is a fully-trained, highly-skilled plastic surgeon whom you can trust with your care. Educated at Duke University, one of the top medical schools in the country, and trained in New York, he brings with him extensive knowledge of cosmetic surgery to Houston, TX. Above all, he is caring with his patients, and meticulous in his approach.

Call us today to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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