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The desire to look younger and remove pesky wrinkles that appear as you age is normal. Many men seek cosmetic procedures to boost their confidence and improve their youthful appearance.

When you feel pressured to compete with younger men in the workplace, Botox for men in Houston may be your answer to feeling more confident without undergoing a serious plastic surgery procedure. Dr. Oren Paul Mushin and our Houston team are ready to help you regain your youthful look.

How We Personalize Your Procedure

Botox injections are a minimally invasive procedure that relaxes the muscles in your face and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is made from botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. While the toxin can be deadly, it treats many medical conditions in extremely small amounts.

When Dr. Mushin injects Botox, it blocks the neurotransmitters that allow muscles to contract. The procedure is not permanent, meaning muscle function returns over time. Botox generally requires little to no recovery time, unlike brow lifts or facelifts, and the procedure only takes a few minutes.

In Houston, the most common places men choose Botox are at the corner of the eyes to treat crow’s feet, between the eyebrows to target frown lines, around the mouth, and on the forehead to reduce creases. When your muscles relax, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. You can usually see the initial effects of the treatment within the first one to four days and the full results within one to two weeks.

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

The FDA approves Botox for anyone 18 years and older; however, it is advisable to wait until your mid-to-late twenties before considering the treatment.

Botox has minimal effect on young men since collagen production only begins declining around age 25. Collagen and elastin proteins give your skin structure and elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

Men in Houston with neuromuscular disorders or a higher risk of keloid scarring should avoid Botox injections. Likewise, men with active facial infections should avoid the injections until the infection is gone.

How Long Do Botox Injections Last?

For most men, Botox wears off within three to four months, so you must continue getting injections to maintain your appearance. However, some individuals who consistently get Botox injections find that the effect lasts longer between sessions.

Even after Botox wears off and your muscles regain movement, wrinkles may not appear for some time. It is common for the injection to last a shorter period the first time it is done. You can take several steps to help prolong the results of your Botox injections.

Avoid chronic sun exposure, which can also lead to premature signs of aging. The sun breaks collagen down faster and can cause an inflammatory response within the cells, which breaks down Botox faster, thus minimizing its effectiveness.

High-intensity workouts may boost your metabolism to burn calories, but they may also trigger the body to metabolize Botox more quickly. Consistent high stress levels increase the secretion of your stress hormone, cortisol. In addition to speeding the aging process, it may cause the body to break down Botox more quickly. Stress can also cause you to inadvertently tense the muscles in your face, pressuring areas targeted to relax.

A quality facial moisturizer helps keep your skin plump and healthy. Moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid and collagen may be particularly beneficial. Nicotine products cause collagen to break down more quickly and damage your skin cells.

Any nicotine product should be avoided, such as cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, and nicotine gum. One study in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology demonstrated that people who took a 50 mg zinc supplement after receiving a Botox injection had a 30% increase in the duration of the results.

Call Our Clinic in Houston to Schedule Your Consultation for Botox Injections

You may not need a facelift or brow lift to achieve the confidence-boosting, youthful appearance you want. Injections of Botox for men in Houston could give you the results you’ve been wanting without the expense and downtime of a surgical procedure. Call our clinic today to schedule your consultation. Our experienced and skilled plastic surgery specialists will answer your questions and recommend the best procedure to meet your cosmetic goals.

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