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While having a perfectly curved body with no grooves or irregularities is ideal, achieving this is impossible for most people. Working out, eating proper meals, and going into calorie deficits may work for some, but it does not work for everyone. When you find yourself wanting a change and not knowing where to start, fat grafting in Houston may be your solution.

During a fat grafting procedure, Houston native Dr. Oren Paul Mushin will transfer your adipose cells from one area of your body to another. The results improve your self-confidence, providing you with the aesthetic body goals you desire. Call our clinic today to learn more about our available body procedures.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat transfer procedures involve a skillful technique of transferring adipose tissues from one area of your body to another. The technique, performed by Dr. Mushin and our trained staff in Houston, requires a precise amount of fat. Using your own adipose tissue, also known as fat cells, minimizes risks. This procedure aims to resolve any irregularities you want to improve on your body.

What to Expect From a Fat Transfer Procedure

Liposuction fat transfer begins with a consultation during which our experienced team in Houston discusses your aesthetic goal and which areas of your body you want to target. The three main steps of the procedure are harvesting, processing, and injecting.

In the harvesting phase, Dr. Mushin collects fat cells from specific areas of your body. These cells can be from your buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. The harvesting procedure uses a minimally invasive liposuction technique—which Dr. Mushin is experienced in performing. Dr. Mushin then purifies your fat cells and injects them into the area of your body you discussed with our medical team during your initial consultation. Some of the more common areas where fat is injected are:

The difference in using fat grafting versus other procedures is personalization. By transferring fat from one area of your body to another, you control how much fat we transfer and where. Whether you want to enhance one area of your body or reduce another, liposuction fat transfer will help you achieve your specific goals. The procedure allows our highly trained surgical team to sculpt your body, providing you with a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Recovering From a Fat Transfer Procedure in Houston

Proper post-operative recovery is essential to achieving your dream body. While you may experience swelling and some discomfort after the fat grafting procedure, your symptoms will lessen as your body continues to heal. The risks of using your own body fat during this procedure are minimal, allowing you to have a safe and natural recovery. Our team of Houston experts provides you with proper guidelines and schedules your follow-up appointments as needed to assist you even after your procedure.

Contact Our Clinic in Houston to Learn More About Fat Grafting

Having a body that makes you feel confident can unlock many doors. Being able to walk in the streets of Houston after your fat grafting can bring you a new level of confidence. Fat grafting in Houston is a common procedure many patients opt for. Call our clinic today, and we will assist you in scheduling your first consultation. Dr. Mushin is here to help you achieve your body goals.

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