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Many patients express dissatisfaction with their naturally “flat” or “saggy” butt, which is usually caused by age or genetics. Even the healthiest diet and exercise regimen can only do so much to improve the shape of the buttocks; sometimes, you need a little help to achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you want to achieve a more shapely silhouette or highlight your existing curves, a Brazilian butt lift in Houston can give you the boost you are looking for. Also known as a BBL, this body contouring plastic surgery procedure uses specialized fat transfer techniques to create or enhance a gorgeous hourglass figure. To learn more, call the Memorial Center for Cosmetic Surgery and speak with one of our welcoming team members.

What are the Benefits of a BBL?

The most obvious improvement from buttock enhancement surgery in Houston is fuller and curvier hips and a rounder, more lifted butt. Some of the other benefits of a BBL include:

  • Eliminating unwanted fat on the hips, arms, thighs, or stomach
  • Helping your clothing fit better and more attractively
  • Visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite or other skin issues
  • Enhancing and defining your overall figure and balancing your proportions

Having a BBL can also restore an appearance of youth and perkiness to the body if you are seeking the procedure due to a loss of volume related to the aging process. It is also often performed as part of a mommy makeover which often includes a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or lift, arm and thigh lifts, or other surgeries and non-invasive treatments.

What to Expect During a Brazilian Butt Lift

Your transformation to a curvier you will always begin with a comprehensive consultation. During this visit, Dr. Mushin will review your medical history and aesthetic goals to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure and may recommend additional or alternative treatments. He will also ensure you are fully prepared for what to expect pre- and post-operatively and give you thorough care instructions as well as an estimated recovery time.

During your BBL in Houston, liposuction targets and removes stubborn fat from problem areas such as the thighs, hips, stomach, lower back, and underarms. This fat is then purified and injected carefully into your buttocks to provide shape and fullness to your contours.

Following the procedure, you will be required to use a specially provided pillow to sleep and sit to avoid placing direct pressure on your newly sculpted buttocks and potentially misshaping your results. After resting for a couple of weeks, or as directed by Dr. Mushin, you will be able to return to most of your normal activities. However, you may be required to wait a few more weeks for more strenuous exercise.

Consider Calling for a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation in Houston

Serving the Greater Houston Area, Texas, and beyond, our clinic is well-known and well-loved for our surgical expertise and passion for providing exceptional service to our patients. We offer safety, comfort, and trust from consultation to follow-up.

When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, the Brazilian Butt Lift in Houston can enhance your confidence as well as your appearance. You are just one call away from your new curvaceous figure. Consider scheduling a consultation today to learn more about the process and the other procedures and treatment plans we offer.

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Client showcasing remarkable results, highlighting the successful outcome of a transformative procedure.
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