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Many men approach our plastic surgery team looking for anti-aging solutions. The first and most effective treatment we offer our male patients is facelift surgery. This all-in-one procedure, known as a rhytidectomy, targets signs of facial aging, including skin sagging, drooping tissues, jowls, fine lines, and wrinkles. Call our plastic surgery center—led by local surgeon Dr. Oren Paul Mushin—today to learn more about our male facelift in Houston.

What Is a Facelift?

The primary objective of a facelift for men in Houston is to remove sagging skin and smooth skin folds, wrinkles, and fine lines on your cheeks and jawline. The most important objective of a facelift is to restore your youthful appearance while preserving your natural features. Our highly-trained surgical staff emphasizes masculinity by creating an angular, more defined face.

One of the most obvious signs of having facial work done is only focusing on the face and neglecting another critical area: the neck. Many of our patients make this mistake, opting to get work done on their face, only to have their age revealed by a wrinkled and sagging neck. We recommend that you get a facelift and neck lift at the same time for uniform results. Together, they reduce fat and sagging skin on your face and neck, giving you a true anti-aging transformation.

Designed Especially for Our Male Patients

Are you wondering if a male facelift is right for you? Our plastic surgery experts can provide expert medical guidance during your initial consultation to help renew your youthfulness.

We understand that our male patients have unique concerns, particularly about looking like they have had work done or exhibiting feminine features. We design our male facelifts to ensure they are as natural-looking as possible. Dr. Mushin makes subtle incisions, making it impossible to tell you have had surgery.

Our male patients in Houston can enjoy a wonderful facial transformation with a facelift, beginning with a tighter, younger-looking face, significantly reducing facial aging indicators, especially fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Our facelift can eliminate jowls, double chin, and other sagging facial skin and tissues.

A facelift offers amazing physical benefits, as well as emotional and psychological benefits. Many of our male patients report improved success in their social, professional, and dating lives, with many years of improved self-confidence and quality of life.

What to Expect During a Male Facelift

Dr. Mushin performs male facelifts within only a few hours under anesthesia. We take great care to ensure that results look as natural as possible, doing our best to conceal your incisions. Dr. Mushin creates an incision on both sides of your face and manipulates, shapes, and contours your skin.

To further enhance your masculinity, our expert team focuses on removing jowls as well as sagging tissue and skin. Dr. Mushin also removes and tightens any excess skin left behind. We recommend arranging a ride home and resting for at least two weeks following your procedure.

After your surgery, our expert team in Houston will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress and ensure you have a smooth recovery. The first follow-up appointment is a day or two after your facelift surgery, during which Dr. Mushin removes drainage tubes, applies antibiotic ointment to your incisions, and replaces your bandages.

The next follow-up appointment is within a week of your facelift surgery, during which our medical professionals remove any remaining stitches. Our surgical team may schedule additional follow-up visits to monitor your progress. After the two-week recovery period, you can enjoy your facelift. Your male facelift surgery results are not permanent but last many years when cared for properly.

Reveal Age-Defying Results With A Male Facelift in Houston

A male facelift, performed by Houston native Dr. Oren Paul Mushin, takes your unique goals into account. We assure you that your results will never look fake and enhance your natural masculinity.

Book your consultation today for your male facelift in Houston with our expert medical team.

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