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A back lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess, loose, and sagging skin from your back, often after significant weight loss. Also called a thoracoplasty, back lifts are often performed alongside liposuction or other body sculpting procedures. A back lift can give your body a firmer overall appearance.

In addition to removing excess skin, back lifts tighten your remaining skin against your back, creating a smooth, slender, and wrinkle-free appearance. Call us to arrange your consultation for a back lift in Houston.

Back Lift in Houston

There are two primary types of back lifts available in Houston. A bra-line back lift—available to both men and women—changes the shape of your upper back, mid back, and waist. This type of surgery leaves a scar that runs along your back under your shoulder blades, about the place where the band of a bra often falls.

On the other hand, a vertical back lift removes excess skin and fat from your back and stomach through an incision that runs from your hip to your arm. As a rule, you’ll get more of a lift and a more tightened overall appearance from a bra-line back lift. However, bra-line back lifts leave large scars. Conversely, Dr. Oren Paul Mushin can remove less skin during a vertical back lift, but your scars will be less visible.

Back Lift Procedure

Our team can perform a back lift procedure at both outpatient surgical centers and hospitals in Houston. The location where your back lift is performed will depend on whether you are undergoing other procedures simultaneously. Before your surgery, Dr. Mushin will examine your back, find appropriate incision areas, and mark them accordingly. For example, if you usually wear a bra, Dr. Mushin will mark the location of your bra line to ensure that, once your incision has healed, it is easier to hide the scar under your clothing.

Dr. Mushin will put you under anesthesia during the procedure. Our medical staff will ensure you are wholly sedated and unable to feel pain before the surgery begins. During surgery, Dr. Mushin will make incisions on the lines made earlier and remove your excess skin. Liposuction or body sculpting can be done at this time. Your remaining skin will be stretched to create a smooth appearance and reattached along the incision line. Once your skin is smooth, our highly trained medical staff will stitch you up and put bandages over your surgery site. While your total surgery time may vary, most back lifts take between 2 and 5 hours.

Recovery Following a Back Lift Surgery in Houston

You’ll likely experience pain, swelling, and numbness for several weeks after your back lift. Dr. Mushin will prescribe medication to make you comfortable and give instructions on caring for your surgical sites. Keep your incisions clean and avoid activities that could pull on your skin. It’s also essential to wear your compression garment as instructed by Dr. Mushin and our clinical staff.

You can expect to resume work and normal daily activities within one to six weeks. You may have some residual swelling up to six months after your surgery. However, once your healing is complete, you can enjoy the results for years to come.

Schedule a Consultation at Our Clinic in Houston to Discuss a Back Lift

When considering a back lift in Houston, consult one of the experts in our office to review your options. As a Houston native, Dr. Mushin will give you a thorough consultation, answering your questions about the details of your procedure. We will discuss how you want your back to look, address your concerns, and set your expectations. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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